No bed is complete without a good quality pillow. It can make the difference between a good night’s sleep and a great one.

We have a fantastic range of luxury pillows that will help you drift off to sleep and provide night after night of comfort and support from all the leading brands including the fantastic Mammoth Medical Grade Foam Pillows.

Browse our range of pillows below or come in store and put them to the test!

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  • FAQ

    How many types of pillows do we offer?

    At Somerset Beds, we offer many ranges of pillows ranging in size and softness. We have memory foam pillows, we have natural pillows with high thread counts, we have feather pillows, and we also offer medical grade memory foam pillows.

    How many different size options are available?

    The memory foam pillows will range in thickness, with the thickest pillow being 14cm, and the thinnest being 8cm. The medical grade pillows also come in slim or deep options.

  • Firmness Guide

    1 Medium Soft
    2 Medium
    3 Medium Firm
    4 Firm
    5 Extra Firm
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