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Kettle Home is renowned in the industry for meeting retailers’ demands for value, quality, service, and choice. With reliable and speedy delivery methods, including direct containers and wholesale-only orders, Kettle Home has listened to its customers and adapted its business model to become the complete furniture supplier. By offering various value packages to cater to every need, Kettle Home adds a new dimension to the flexibility of furniture orders. Our Wholesale, Stockist, and Container options provide great choice and added peace of mind.

Using a purpose-adapted warehouse, hand-picked staff, and efficient systems, Kettle Home ensures that your furniture is delivered safely and efficiently to your chosen destination at a convenient time. Customers can now enjoy the benefits of ordering new and existing ranges manufactured globally, with the assurance that quality has been checked at the source. Quality has always been of utmost importance, and Kettle Home takes pride in delivering excellence in everything it does, from design through to delivery and beyond.

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