Open Coil Mattresses

The open coil mattress is a more traditional type of mattress, incorporating an inter-connected spring system. They are generally in the lower price bands due to the relatively low production cost. A standard double open coil mattress will contain around three hundred springs, and the gauge of metal used in those springs will dictate the firmness and level of support provided. Open coils are used in most orthopaedic mattresses; they also tend to be lighter and therefore easier to turn.

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    Why choose an open coil spring system mattress?

    An open coil spring system mattress is one of the more widely used option. The open coil mattresses are normally a better budget option as well.

    What size open coil mattresses are available?

    An open coil spring system mattress is available in all sizes from small single, up to superking.

  • Firmness Guide

    1 Medium Soft
    2 Medium
    3 Medium Firm
    4 Firm
    5 Extra Firm
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