Memory Foam Mattresses

There are several options of memory foam mattresses ranging from memory foam on reflex foam; memory foam on open coil springs and memory foam on pocket springs. Each option gives a different comfort level to suit your sleep requirements.

Memory Foam Mattresses provide comfort and support, relieving pressure on painful joints and helping to sooth aches and pains.

We offer a wide range of all types of memory foam mattress at very competitive prices to suit all budgets.

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  • FAQ

    Why choose a memory foam mattress?

    A memory foam mattress is advantageous due to the way the mattress will relieve pressure, memory foam will responds to your body position and then will slowly recover. The memory foam will create a nice warm environment for you to sleep on.

    What memory foam mattress options are available?

    At Somerset Beds, we offer many different memory foam mattresses, some which are fully foam, and there’s which include layers of foam as well as springs, creating a hybrid effect.

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