Hybrid Mattresses

Hybrid mattresses help to both support your body in a natural sleeping position by utilising both springs and a type of foam. This enables the mattress to offer you a soft pressure relieving experience whilst still getting the support that you need.

Hybrid mattresses have recently become very popular with the introduction of Gel infused Memory foam mattresses as they help to both support and isolate movement. What makes them unique is that it can still offer a cool and comfortable nights sleep as the springs give you a large air pocket, allowing for airflow, aiding to keep the mattress cooler.

Somerset Beds are proud to be approved stockists of the both the revolutionary Mlily Gel Hybrid and the Uno Vacuum packed pocket mattress range, come in and try these fantastic mattresses for yourself!

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  • FAQ

    What is hybrid mattress?

    A hybrid mattress is a combination of both spring and foam. This allows the best of both types of mattress making the choice even easier.

    What are the benefits of a hybrid mattress?

    There are many benefits to a hybrid mattress, they provide an extra level of comfort compared to standard pocket sprung mattresses. As well as this, they are great for all sleeping positions.

    What tensions are available?

    Our hybrid mattresses come in all tensions, from soft, to extra firm.

  • Firmness Guide

    1 Medium Soft
    2 Medium
    3 Medium Firm
    4 Firm
    5 Extra Firm
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