Cool Gel

Gel Mattresses help to contour your body in a similar way to memory foam and many believe that gel contours your body even better than foam. Gel mattresses can also feature gel infused memory foam which helps to reduce the heat transfer that some people comment about with regular memory foam. This solves the heat build up problem and offers a cooler night’s sleep.

Gel Mattresses have recently become a factor in the mattress industry and there are now different varieties of gel available in the market and often appears as an additional layer within the mattress or infused with other types of foam within the mattress itself.

Somerset Beds are proud to be approved stockists of the revolutionary Mlily Gel mattress range, come in and try these fantastic mattresses for yourself.

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  • FAQ

    What is a cool gel mattress?

    The cool gel mattresses are a combination of springs and foam, all mattresses have layers of quilted cool gel foam and then air-flow cool gel memory foam.

    What is the benefit of a cool gel mattress? 

    The cool gel memory foam ensures a comfortable nights sleep by allowing your heat to seep through the mattress instead of being caught underneath you.

    How do I  look after a cool gel mattress?

    As a result of this mattress being a combination, we recommend that you regularly rotate your mattress from head to toe.


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