High Sleeper Beds

High Sleeper beds are great space savers and the perfect bed for 6+ years, providing a multi-functional solution for your child’s bedroom. With a raised sleeping area, the area beneath the high bed can be utilised for storage, study and sleep.

Our range of high sleeper beds are made from top quality materials, yet our competitive prices make them an affordable choice for any home.

Available in a variety of styles and colours to suit any style of room we are sure you will find a high sleeper bed to suit your requirements on our site or in store.

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  • FAQ

    Does the high sleeper include the mattress?

    No, the mattress will need to be purchased as well as the frame.

    Can I customise the frame?

    Yes, the colour of the high sleeper is interchangable.

  • Firmness Guide

    1 Medium Soft
    2 Medium
    3 Medium Firm
    4 Firm
    5 Extra Firm
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