Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are single beds that are stacked one above the other, allowing two or more people to sleep in a shared room without restricting available floor space. They can have metal or wooden frames, and normally incorporate a ladder to provide access to the top bunk, plus safety rails to prevent the occupants from falling out. Bunk beds are ideal for childrens’ rooms, although it is not recommended that children under six years of age occupy the top bunk.

Our range of bunk beds are made from top quality materials, yet our competitive prices make them an affordable choice for any home.

Available in a variety of styles and colours to suit any style of room we are sure you will find a bunk bed to suit your requirements on our site or in store.

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    Do you offer different sizes of bunk beds?

    We offer many different bunk beds, some with double beds on the bottom and some which are triple bunks.

    Are the bunk beds customisable?

    We offer our bunk beds in a range of colours and designs, so finding the right one for you becomes even easier with our vast range of choices.

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